"It's not the name itself. It's what you make of the name you choose to portray- and that's what sinks or swims."

From the lustful nights of the city of angels comes dark pop princess Aimee Saturne, a Los Angeles-based recording artist, actress and writer. With tantalizing lyrics and melodies that wrap around your mind, the sultry sound of this vocalist’s story will leave you craving more.


Having lived in various states and countries throughout her youth, California was always the one place that Aimee called home. Hollywood pulled Saturne’s heartstrings from a very young age, having enamored the singer enough into moving to the city that brought her the most inspiration.


This prolific place left Aimee with plenty of stories to tell- all of which are coming to fruition through the debaucherous melodies of the singer’s solo project. Backed by known names in the pop world, she has gathered the perfect team behind the music, bringing all of her inner most desires to fulfillment- and hoping to unlock a more freeing ethos in the listener. 

 Music is no stranger to Aimee, having found her thirst for singing in her youth, continuing on to write original music at the age of 12. Partnered with a notepad, a pen, and a dream, Saturne began her musical journey- which was met with difficulties and challenges. However, her determination, resourcefulness, and ambition helped her overcome each and every obstacle thrown her way.

In July 2020, Saturne released her debut single "Don't Tell My Boyfriend," which received rave reviews from various press outlets. Following up with singles "Silver Screen Lover" in February 2021 and "Like I Do" in April 2021, she is currently gearing up to release her debut studio album.